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That’s right.  Team USA will be at Smitty’s on Monday the 16th.  Live on the telly from Brazil.  So pop on in for some sweet Smitty’s Brazilian action.  We’ll have:

  • All tappers will be $1 off.  Even the fancy ones.
  • Free shots for every goal team USA scores.  We’ll make it two shots if it’s a direct cornerkick or bicycle kick shot.
  • Mini nets will be set up in the back for the kids or the adults that are feeling pretty athletico after some of those tasty rewards after the Team USA goals.
  • Kitchen will be closed as it always is on Mondays but the grills on the patio are all yours for the first-ever Team USA World Cup Smitty’s Tailgate.  Bring Your Own Meat (for grilling).

We’ll have drink specials for all Team USA World Cup 2014 tournament games.  See you here!


Live Music This Weekend!

When the blisters on your big toes from last weekend heal you can get those dancing callouses formed when the Carpetbaggers are here to help celebrate Matt “MF” Tyner turn an age likely younger than the 52 that he looks.  That’ll be how you spend Friday night the 9th of Smittyember.


Smitty’s. On the edge. Even better with Jameson’s.

Smitty’s 1st Annual Brewer Game

And so the trip to Miller Park and back is in the books.  Twenty pounds of meat, twelve cases of brew and four hours of rockin’ to the Pinstripes resulted in a great day for all.  There’s talk of doing another trip down yet this season. . .stay tuned and thirsty for Smitty’s.


Hello world!

Smitty’s On The Edge.  It’s been fun since the first song, old-fashioned, pint o’ Guinness, shot and everything else that has followed.  The food is coming soon, May it happen sooner than later–yes–we know.  And it will.  Please stop by often, and if you can’t make it to Smitty’s then keep in touch on this website or on the edge of Facebook.

See you soon.