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Smitty was born on the outskirts of Cedarburg, USA in January of 2012.  He was abandoned by his family in his stroller and left on the wheelchair-access ramp of an abandoned tavern.  In the haste to leave without him noticing, the brakes on the stroller weren’t engaged and Smitty slowly rolled down the ramp and came to a sudden stop on the grass.  He was thrown from the stoller, and nearly impaled on a metal stake in the ground.  Safely landing in the surrounding sand, the boy got to his feet and brushed himself off.  Surveying his surroundings, he looked at the gruff, mustouched troll leaning on the front door and realized this would be his new home.  One keg of Guinness, one case of Chardonnay, a pallet of Jameson’s, a leather cup with five shiny dice and a popcorn machine were discovered in the dank basement and Smitty’s On The Edge was born.

It’s all here for you.  Live.  In high-definition and lifelike surround sound.  Thanks for being a part of the show.